Our training

Our training courses, no matter if it’s with us in Zweibrücken, or in your office are always tailored to the knowledge of the participants and on the focus of your daily planning. No training is like any other, really - no training from the bar - This ensures that after such a session, all participants are ready to work effectively with our software and of course with the 3D CAD system as well.

Of course, let´s say: "Practice makes perfect" 

For newcomers to the world of 3D crane planning, a 3-day training session has proven and is recommended for effective learning of the 3D CAD system; since we have pinned down the operational scope of the available commands and menus of such a complex system to minimum requirements. It is not necessary to win any architectural awards at such a deployment planning, or to create components or 3D objects that are not really relevant for the planning. In order to represent the cranes in 3D CAD, our software does this by pressing a button.

One day, of training for an update is effectively enough.

In addition to the classical training, eye to eye, we also offer the opportunity to get an online training via the Internet. This is especially useful for retraining or, to use as up-date training for experienced users. The TeamViewer, which we use, is a very helpful tool.