Special solutions - tailored for you

Do you have a good idea for a feature which you are missing in our products? 
The idea is indeed great, but is only suitable for your business and not intended for others? 


Have you designed and built your own equipment, cranes, lifting device and you want to use them in our software, together with your cranes? 

Give us a call 

All of our employees in our development team are not only masters in their programming; all of them are also particularly fit in mathematics, statics and kinematics. The physics and its laws are not foreign to us. 

Much - certainly not all - is feasible. 
Contact us, we will be happy to make a suburb appointment to discuss the requirements with you. After a thorough internal review of the effort and especially the feasibility, we will gladly make you an offer. 

Our limits are that we will do nothing which is against the law (or) rules. And especially not violate against clearly defined standards of crane manufacturers. The trust that the crane manufacturer spend to us were cooperate, concerning our products and services, is sacred to us and thus inviolable.