Dear visitors, customers and interested,

please allow me a few personal words. Our craniMAX GmbH was founded by me in 2002 from a running service company, which has been dedicated the 3D CAD as "3D - Team" since 1994. 

September 1, 2002 was the birthday of the renamed company craniMAX GmbH. It was decided to run into the world of cranes and development for software because of a more and more needed detailed job planning for all possible cranes; ranging from small mobile and telescopic cranes, tower cranes, up to the biggest and most powerful lattice boom and crawler cranes. Today our software solutions cover almost the entire range of this industry. 

The reason we chose this name for our company was because it was very appropriate, since this name is almost the same sounding pronunciation in various languages. 

The company's success is based on an excellent and highly motivated team of developers and sales staff who now hold up our flags from the beginning; 

A team, in which our company was and still is, very proud of. 

Today, craniMAX GmbH is the global leading software company for products and services in crane-job planning. Not only the name has found its way around the globe, also our products and services such as customer care, project support and of course our professional training courses for customers all over the world. 

For more than a decade in this business we have been able to further develop and improve our products and services. We have always listened to our customers for the best ideas and suggestions. Everything was and is certainly not feasible, but a lot of it helped our growth. 

I would like to say thank you explicitly at this point, for the trust almost all major crane manufacturer in the world have giving us and cooperate with us. We are very proud for this trust they placed in us and we will do our very best to remain like this in the future. 

Quality without any compromise is our doctrine. 

We have, as we think, successfully opposed against the generally bad reputation in the IT industry when it comes to a customer support. Everyone in our company is always accessible for all our customers. Thus, it is always ensured that every customers question is processed and answered, by those which have the best answer. 

Only a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. 

Now enjoy our website. 

Michael Kölsch
C.E.O. / Owner cranimax GmbH