craniMAX offers you the perfect solution for your crane job planning. We don‘t guess, we calculate. Nothing is randomly selected - all results are calculated and mathematically correct. NEVER settle for anything less! 


For jobsite planning with an emphasis on use of a crane, a mobile, telescopic, crawler and lattice boom cranes. The program consists of two modules:


The first part of our basic module, CRANE MANAGER basic, is an intuitive and easy to use software for a quick and accurate verification of load charts, degrees of freedom and a permanently running calculation² of outrigger loadings and/or ground pressures depending on the chosen crane, load, and radius and boom position.

The newly created functions in that current version, to create simplified 3D job site planning with automated dimensioning of the most important elements and definable printouts of the results, offers an absolutely dimensionally accurate representation of the 3D crane models and obstacles without drawing something yourself without any necessary knowledge of a CAD. Herewith you can create meaningful plans with a single crane or more cranes and with the also newly added RHL functions to this basic version. From a complex 3D load, up to a multi-lift³ (2-8 cranes on a load) consistently and detailed studied, designed and printed as a project.

CRANE Manager designer 3D*

This software is for master practitioners, as an offset on the base version, allows the user to transfer by a simple mouse click its entire pre-planning, or even just a single crane into a 3D CAD system to continues with further processing within an existing, a user- created or provided by a customer drawing. Again, the cranes and objects are representing a 100 % dimensionally accurateness in your 3D CAD and can be moved and controlled, within its allowable degrees of freedom and load charts by the „basic“ - module. The required knowledge for 3D CAD has been reduced to a minimum. Powerful 3D CAD tools to create complex 3D loads and objects very simple will complete the package.

*a 3D CAD system is necessary for that purpose 
²if enabled by the respective manufacturers
³in connection with designer 3D only



For operational planning at construction sites with top-slewing, luffing-jib, top less and tower cranes.

It is an independent, also connected to a 3D CAD platform, planning tool with a focus on tower cranes, top-slewing, luffing jib tower cranes. This program offers almost the same design features as known from its „Big Brother„ designer 3D and, of course, provides the user the same powerful 3D tools for professional planning and drafting.