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"You´ll never walk alone" – This slogan is indeed stolen, but we mean this as a promise.

Do you have any questions about your recently acquired craniMAX software?
Did you get stuck somewhere in our program or in CAD and can't continue?
A program doesn't behave as it should?

Then send us a description of your issue with this form.

One of our team members will reply to you as soon as possible.

The lable at your dongle provides this number as C/N.
The current revision can be found in the menu bar "?" -> "Info".
The lable at the dongle provides this number as S/N with 6 digits. Only the numbers are needed.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png bmp tif.
There is a small red LED on nthe dongle to indicate it is operative. If it wasn't glowing, we would suggest to try another USB-port.
Some USB ports do not provide enough power to guarantee reliable finctuinality.
A 64-Bit Windows provides a folder 'C.\Program Files' for 64-Bit applications and maybe a folder 'C:\Program Files (x86)' for 32-Bit applications.
We reccomend to archive all crane add-ons you will get in case you need to reinstall them.
If you had several add-ons to be installed, you should please execute the latest add-on at last to have all cranes licenced!

A description of necessary settings is provided with the dongle or you can download a PDF on

Who was the person that installed CRANE MANAGER or ToM on this computer?
Working with a template can help to be sure that all CAD settings are as usal when you take care it doesn't contain unwanted atrefacts.
Some drawings may contain desturbing artefacts or settings might need to be changed.

If a drawing contained artefacts, you should try to copy all necessary items into a new drawing with your own template.

Using AutoCAD you have two switches. Please type "_UNITS" and then "_OPTIONS" -> user settings.
The CAD units preset in the CRANE MANAGER or ToM project information.

unfortunately doesn't allways match the charts in the crane's manual, because very often some additional equipment is necessary to reach a certain capacity.

Sometimes boom sequences or similar information are missing in brochures as well what makes it impossible to determin the according chart.

A reliable chart can exactly be identified by a chart number, ident number, or code.

As we get the charts for most cranes right from the manufacturers, we can't provide support when the chart can't pecisely be named!

There are only very few exceptions e.g. for Liebherr cranes, but this can only appear at crane databases without calculation of outrigger loadings / ground bearing pressure.

We recommend to use 2D wireframe style to get the best performance.

Please check your task-manager to find out what process causes the most processor load. An antivirus software, backup systems, data compression tools or a libraray located in a network are often the initiators.

If the CAD system detected an active operation that was still waiting for further input, right now no addidtional command could be processed. Pushing does abort the current operation.
You can select the project's units untill you added the first crane. Please go to 'Edit project'.
Mind to restart the application after a reset.

You would be informed again before, if a service fee will be charged.

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