1. System Requirements

1.1 Which operating systems are supported by CRANE MANAGER and ToM?

CRANE MANAGER V3.0 data / graphics (3D) 

*Windows XP professional SP3, 
*Windows VISTA Home business, 
*Windows VISTA Ultimate, 
* should run, but no longer supported

Windows 7 professional,
Windows 7 Ultimate,
Windows 8

These older versions can run on 32 Bit Windows only. 

CRANE MANAGER 2011 data / graphics (3D)

CRANE MANAGER 2014 basic / designer 3D

Windows 7 professional,
Windows 7 Ultimate,
Windows 8, 8.1
Windows 10

These newer versions can be installed and run on 32 Bit, as well as on 
the more powerful 64 Bit Windows versions. 

  • Older versions below CRANE MANAGER Release 2011 are no longer supported. 
  • CRANE MANAGER 2011 is qualified for upDate into CRANE MANAGER 2014
  • CRANE MANAGER V3.0 will remain qualified for upDate into CRANE MANAGER 2014
  • NOTE: This possibility for V3.0 will expire at 31. December 2016 !!!


1.2 Which CAD-systems are supported by CRANE MANAGER and ToM?

General Remarks, concerning AutoCAD:

When we are talk about AutoCAD as a 3D CAD system, we talking about a pure AutoCAD full version only!

The CRANE MANAGER CAD interface can NOT connect propperly to additional Autodesk products such as, for example: Mechanical, Architecture, Revit etc, as well as products from  Autodesk-Suits, also Inventor, because of their different internal interfaces. And we cannot provide any support for those products as well!


CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D  and ToM - TOWER MANAGER 2012 working with:

AutoCAD 2013 - 2018

BricsCAD V17pro - V18pro

ZWCAD 2012 - 2015


Detailed Information about all Supported 3D-CAD systems: 

Supported 3D-CAD systems
(Full releases only, no LT or Classic)

CRANE MANAGER V3.0 graphics (3D)


*AutoCAD 2004 – 2007
* should run, but no longer supported

AutoCAD 2008 – 2012 
BricsCAD V8 pro – V11 pro 

and run on 32 Bit installation and Operating systems only. 

CRANE MANAGER 2011 graphics (3D)

CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D


*AutoCAD 2008 – 2010
* should run, but no longer supported

AutoCAD 2011 – 2014
AutoCAD 2015 - ex SP1 only

AutoCAD 2016 - with CRANE MANAGER 2014 Service Pack minimum requirement or higher. (SP for CRANE MANAGER 2011 is with costs

AutoCAD 2017 - with CRANE MANAGER 2014 Service Pack minimum requirement or higher. 

AutoCAD 2018 - with CRANE MANAGER 2014 Service Pack minimum requirement or higher. 


*BricsCAD V16 pro (German: V 16.1.05-7, Rev.: 40889, 32/64 Bit) - English: V 16.2.02-1, Rev.: 41986, 32/64 Bit)

* BricsCAD from V16 pro will be supported since February, 01st -  2016 again !!  
With CRANE MANAGER 2014 ex Service Pack  (or higher only) .

*BricsCAD V17 pro (German: V 16.1.04-2, Rev.: 45524, 32/64 Bit) - English: V 17.1.03-2, Rev.: 45470, 32/64 Bit)

* BricsCAD from V17 pro will be supported since Dezember, 01st -  2016 
With CRANE MANAGER 2014 ex Service Pack  (or higher only) .

* BricsCAD from V18 pro will be supported since Dezember, 01st -  2017 
With CRANE MANAGER 2014 ex Service Pack (or higher only) .



**ZWCAD+ will , unfortunatly, be NOT longer delivered since October, 14th - 2015 l!!

.....and run on 32 Bit, as well as on the more powerful 64 Bit installations and 
Windows versions. 


  • Older versions below CRANE MANAGER Release 2011 are no longer supported. 
  • CRANE MANAGER 2011 is qualified for upDate into CRANE MANAGER 2014
  • CRANE MANAGER V3.0 will remain qualified for upDate into CRANE MANAGER 2014
  • NOTE: This possibility for V3.0 will expire at 31. December 2016 !!!

Also older CAD systems, as listed above, will no longer supported from us. 

1.3 Is it possible to install and run CRANE MANAGER and Tom on other platforms beside Windows?


1.4 Hardware requirements – our Recommendations

For to run 

CRANE MANAGER 2014 basic

we recommend the use of, 

i5 CPU, 8 GByte RAM, Windows 7 - 64 Bit a reasonable Monitor and a more or less reasonable graphic adaptor – Means, everything you can buy today. 

For our 3D solutions 

CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D 
or ToM – TOWER MANAGER 2014 

for to run together with a 3D-CAD system, we recommend the use of, 

i7 CPU, with 16 or better, with 32 GByte RAM (the more, the better) and a real good graphic adaptor with own 2 GByte memory, i.eG. from the NVIDIA-GeForce series. 


Today is mostly a graphics card with "shared memory" offered by the hardware vendors! Although they may great for movies, games and photos, but not really for a powerful work with a 3D CAD system.

This by the way, is the only real point where you should take care about, when buying a new computer for your planning! 

Together with Windows 7 - 64 Bit with one, or even better with two 22 "monitors would be our recommendation.

Windows 8 with its tiles, who like it? But it runs without problems anyway. 


Even a good dual core CPU would be sufficed, because not that much software, not the CAD systems supports more than one processor core.

You better invest a little more money into a large memory, in a good graphics card and decent monitors.

In addition, an SSD (solid state drive) instead of a fat disk provides an incredible speed advantage for all your applications. 

2. Licensing

2.1 Fundamentals concerning our license model

Each full version is protected by a so called Dongle (see figure), also: dongle, hardware key, hardware-Lock. This device will be attached to a free USB port at the computer. 

Abarth 500 

Such a dongle! Represents a valid license only. The DVD which is delivered by us can be installed on any number of computers of course. The functions are only fully available if the Dongle is plugged in.

A multiple installation for example, is useful if you use a powerful desktop computer in your office – and at home you may have a laptop is in use.

From the second license (full version) on, we offer an option to purchase a so-called time account, if this second, or more versions are only sporadically in use. 

For daily use, we recommend to acquire a further full version (dongle) because it is cheaper.

We have some more information in a separate chapter to learn more about it.

This time account applies to our products ONLY but not for additional purchased 3D CAD systems. 

2.2 Software Maintenance and Update Service Contract (NEW, since 01. Januar 2017)

Since January 01st our software products can only be bought in connection with a Software Maintenance and Update Service Contract (SMCS) This contract will remarkable facilitate our co-operation in the future. This will ensure, that all customer / user will stay up-to-date with software revisions and all more and much faster modified crane data bases from different manufacturers at any time. Even existing licenses must be reorganised into this new license model if you want to add additional crane model or licenses.  At the latest prior to the next CRANE MANAGER release.

Above all, this contract offers some considerable advantages, such as.:

Unrestricted and full software updates

Comprehensive support service for all craniMAX products

Online Webinars

  * for individual and exclusive user questions (2 hours / contract year)
  * to a specified topic (dates according to website)
  * presentation on new features and functions after software updates

Service packs for improvement in function and troubleshooting

Extended load tables or setup statuses which are subsequently assigned by the
manufacturer to the standard of an existing crane.

For further Informations, please contact our sales department:

2.3 Is there a network license for CRANE MANAGER and/or ToM ?


2.4 The following message appears: "Dongle not found”

"Dongle not found “ resp. "Software runs in DEMO Mode" appears as an error message: 

If this happens, please check if the USB dongle is connected and the little red LED lights. If not, try the dongle with another USB port. Do not use USB extension cables or hubs/switches. 

If the control LED of the dongle lights, but you still receive this message, reinstall the dongle driver.

If the control LED of the dongle lights, but you still receive this message, reinstall the dongle driver. 

Please check also if there is a valid license file like (E.g.) "SN-100_123.Lizenz" 
(in C:\Program files\cranimax\CM 3– CM 4 – or CM 5)

If this information will not solve your problem, please call our support team.

2.5 On how many computers can a CRANE MANAGER and /or a ToM license be installed and used?

A license can be installed on an unlimited amount of computers. To work with a license, a valid dongle must be connected to a local USB port. Without this dongle the software only runs in DEMO mode, which can be enough for training. 

Every dongle represents a full license. 

2.6 How to use a Dongle?

Plug in this Dongle into free USB port on the computer where CRANE MANAGER or ToM is installed. A red LED is lighting to show the functionality of the Dongle. 

2.7 Where I get a dongle from?

You will receive a dongle for the CRANE MANAGER or ToM from us, if 
you have purchased a license (full version) of CRANE MANAGER´s or ToM

2.8 .....



3.1 Possible error messages after installation and initial start

After the software package is installed successfully, it happens very often that you get an error message after the first start, telling that you do not have access to the database. This is, especially for Windows 7 and 8, because of their internal allocation of user rights. 

Even if you usually have administrator rights, but this is not for program subfolders. 
To change this, please open Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) and follow this instruction: 

Once there, go to the directory ....\Program Files\craniMAX\CM 4 (or \CM 5) and then make a "right click", open the "Properties" list. Then click to "Security" tab, then "Edit" to get this window shown at this picture. 

Choose for your username and activate permissions for "Full control" and "Modify". After you confirm this setting with the "Apply" button and then go for "OK" 

Abarth 500 

Now you have the full access rights underneath the directory CM 4 or CM 5. 
This is necessary because our software must save temporary files while a crane database is in use. 

That's all. Now this error message should not appear again. Even with administrator rights, these two functions of Windows are basically locked. 

A more detailed instruction is ready to download as a PDF file 

3.2 Quick guides for our software solutions

CRANE MANAGER 2011 data – PDF download 

CRANE MANAGER 2014 basic – PDF download 

ToM – TOWER MANAGER 2014 – PDF download 

3.3 Quick guide for "Tandem / Multi-lift" functions

CRANE MANAGER 2011 graphics (Multilift) – PDF download 

CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D (Multilift) – PDF download 

ToM – TOWER MANAGER 2014 (Multilift) – PDF PDF download 

This "multi-lift" offers a function which is beyond the classical "tandem lift". 

Our software, from the version 2011 on, gives you the possibility to connect two (2) up to eight (8) cranes to one load. If all preparations are completed, all cranes which are involved in that job will permanently check all load charts, radii, degrees of freedom with every movement of the load and also calculates the occurring outrigger loadings / ground pressures for all of the attached cranes. 

A collision control - load to the crane or the crane / load to an obstacle of course, must be done visually and it is the responsibility of the user.

3.4 Quick guide for the new "job-site" functions

CRANE MANAGER 2014 basic / designer 3D (Job-site) – PDF download 

This new "Job-site" menue offers a function which enables the user to create a simple 
3D job-site together with the selected cranes. To make snapshots for the printout. 

Then, there is one final button to send that whole job-site into a 3D CAD system 
to go ahead with the planning.

3.5 Quick guide for RHL (Rigging, Hook & Load) functions

Our approved tool, RHL (Rigging, Hook & Load), has been completely re-designed in the new 2014 version. It is providing a powerful but still easy to use tool to create a simple as well as a high complex 3D load, which can be fully used already in the standard version basic. You can see all results by using the picture oriented menus during runtime.

CRANE MANAGER 2014 basic (RHL) – PDF download

This document will explain to most important steps to create a parametrical load and to attach them on your crane. This will be done in the basic, complete without using a CAD System or the need or CAD knowledge.

CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D (RHL) – PDF download

This second document will explain the most important steps to get your own designed 3D load into the library. After that, you can attach this load by using the available tools from the RHL to the crane. This function needs the designer 3D and a connection to a 3D CAD System, as well as a basic experience how to make a 3D solid and the knowledge how to handle the coordinates in a 3D CAD.

3.6 Product history

CRANIMATION data / graphics 

in its versions 1.0 (1.2 - 1.8)
from initial release: 01.05.1995 till end of development: 30.11.2000 

in its versions 2.0 (2.2 - 2.3)
from initial release: 01.12.2000 till end of development: 31.08.2002 

in its versions 2.4 (2.5)
from initial release: 01.09.2002 till end of development: 30.06.2005 

in its versions 2.6 (2.61- 2.64)
from initial release: 01.07.2005 till end of development: 31.05.2008 

CRANE MANAGER data / graphics 

in its versions 3.0
from initial release: 01.06.2008 till end of development: 31.12.2010 

in its versions 2011 (4.0)
from initial release: 15.01.2011 till end of development: 01.03.2013 

CRANE MANAGER basic / designer 3D 

in its versions 2014 (5.0)
from initial release: 01.01.2014 till ........... 


in its versions 1.3
from initial release: 01.06.2006 till end of development: 01.06.2010 

in its versions 2012 (2.0)
from initial release: 01.03.2012 till ...........  

A complete overview,

"... What version – has worked, when, with which Windows or CAD" has worked
Can be downloaded here as a PDF file. 

You will also find a comparison of the new features, compared with the
respective predecessors versions, also ready to download as a PDF file. 

3.7 Installation by an administrator

In some company networks the access rights for some users are limited. An installation of an application such as CRANE MANAGER then needs to be made by an administrator. He usually installs the software without starting it and like that important configuration files can't be created in his user profile folder. This can lead to issues when the administrator wants to install new crane data with a provided add-on or an update to a new revision. A possible error message could be "CRANE MANAGER not installed". The error doesn't appear when the administrator at least once started the application!

If this issue appeared, the administrator should start the application. To save yourself from changing the user, this can also be done while running the program as different user.

To do that hold the shift-key and right-click the CRANE MANAGER link.

Select the item "Run as different user" from the context menu.

That following you only need to confirm with the administrator login.

As the configuration has to be created this application start may take a little longer. After this add-ons and installsets can be run as usual. If you'd like, you could also start a revision update right from the program's settings to save one adminstrator login. Before you start working you should restart the program.

3.8 A crane doesn't appear in the list

You have downloaded and executed an addon with additional crane data, but the crane doesn't appear in the crane list?

Then the application may have been operating during the installation.

To force the list to be refreshed, please open the general settings and delete the existing crane list.

Mind to restart CRANE MANAGER or ToM after this.

In case the crane still is missing, please verify to use the latest licence files. When you received several add-ons, older ones would also overwrite newer lilcences and you should take care to install the latest one at the end of the procedure.

3.9 No access to a crane (amongst others because of Office 2016 installation!!)

Already during the start of the application an error may be indicate that you have no access to one or more databases. Sometimes the issue first occurs while you want to select and use and crane e.g. there is no according database entry found even when you didn't use any search parameters to reduce the number of results.

You did consider item 3.1 "Possible error messages after installation and initial start" (see above) and the crane is found in the crane list, but still can't be used?

Then please check your Windows control panel option "programs and features" and search the item "Microsoft Access database engine 2010".

If this entry was missing, you should please take the data medium with the setup files. This contains a folder "dotnetfx" with "AccessDatabaseEngine_2010_X64.exe" and "AccessDatabaseEngine_2010_X86.exe". Select the one version that fits to your Office installation and run the setup. If no Office was installed, we suggest to use the ...X64-version. Afterwards CRANE MANAGER or ToM may need to be uninstalled and reinstalled.

If the Access database engine already existed (maybe even several times), you should uninstall each of them and reinstall the driver like just described.

Specific remark after any Microsoft Office 2016 installation

The described issue appears recently very often after the new Office 2016 ahs been installed. It's setup deletes or damages an existing "Microsoft Access database engine 2010" installation what is an unexpected missbehaviour of Office as it doesn't guaranty the downward compatibility.

Unfortunately we got no option to prevent you from this issue, because Microsoft even deletes or damages the driver, if no Office was installed before.

Our products CRANE MANAGER and ToM - TOWER MANAGER definitely need this database driver to get access to the crane databases.

3.10 The application is working unstable in 32bit mode

A limitation of available memory for .NET applications running on Windows 32bit unfortunately often leads to a very unstable behaviour of the program what can even cause unpredictable crashes.

To avoid this, we recommend to install the application in 64bit mode.

The fact that Microsoft Office does operate in 32bit mode by default, because of compatibility issues is prejudicial to reach this what would make it necessary to unsinstall this first.

Before you do this, please be sure that your Office version does support 64bit mode.

If you already used CRANE MANAGER or ToM, you should also uninstall this and also the "Microsoft Access database engine 2010" using the control panel.


Then you should begin with the installation of CRANE MANAGER or ToM what determines the 64bit mode to be used and the following Office installation will automatically adapt to this mode.

4. CAD-Interface

4.1 Generally setups for the CAD systems

Here we have listed a few useful basic settings when you are using your CAD system the very first time; we guess they are helpful and useful to make your work with CAD a little easier. 

Please enter the following commands into the lower command line of your CAD system, always terminated with ENTER - button: 

Laylockfadectl - Default value is <50>, replace it with 0 

This setting would display your crane which is made by external references in 50% gray scale and thus represent the crane a bit pale on your screen. By setting value 0 the crane will show much brighter on your screen 

Dispsilh - Default value is <0>, replace it with 1 

0 = off, 1 = on. If 1 is activated, the so-called “light edges” and “surface normal” are suppressed while you print a 3d object in hidden mode, particularly if round objects. 

Result: The print is much sharper and more clear And, if you save in a PDF, the file size will be much smaller because fewer number of lines are projected. 

Startup - Default value is <0>, replace it with 1 

0 = off, 1 = on. If 1 is activated, the star of the CAD system will stop and offer a selection menu where you MUST choose a template to continuous. This will ensure that your personal settings are always ready for use. 

These and some more other useful tips and tricks, you will get here as a PDF download. 

4.2 Mandatory settings of the drawing units in CAD * IMPORTANT *

It has been proven, from the beginning, to work in meter (m) resp. feet (ft) in the imperial system, while you work with CAD. Firstly, because there are usually very large dimensions as well as the values in the crane data bases are specified in meters (m) or feet (ft) - as opposed to traditional mechanical engineering. 

Therefore, the following settings in your CAD are inevitable: 


You work in meters(m) or feet (ft) - our strong recommendation! 

Settings for the CRANE MANAGER(m) or (ft)
Settings for CAD (Keine Einheit)

Now, if you draw a line with the value of 10, this corresponds to a length of 10m (or 10 feet) and the crane models fits as well as the buildings from the OBB and especially the loads from the RHL. 


Also the 3D Tools, OBB and RHL working in meters(m) resp. feet (ft). Also the Matt generator works in these values. 


But if you have to, or you want to, work in millimeters (mm) or inches (inch), the following settings are very important! 

Settings for the CRANE MANAGER(mm) or (inch)
Settings for CAD(Millimeter) or (inch)

Now, if you draw a line with the value of 10, this corresponds to a length of 10mm (or 10 inches) and the crane models fits. 


But the 3D tools, OBB and RHL are still working in meters (m) resp. feet (ft)! Also the Matt generator works in these values. 

Please follow these instructions how you make the settings: 

Basic setting, CAD in generally 

Dropdown Menu -> (TOOLS) --> (OPTIONS)
(or type to the command line "_options") 

Select the tab "User Preferences” 

Adjust both according check boxes, as shown in the picture: 

Unspecified - Unitless 


This adjustment must ALWAYS be done, regardless of selected drawing units you may use later. 

Abarth 500 

Settings, user related: 

Dropdown Menu -> (FORMAT) --> (UNITS)
(or type to the command line "_units") 

Then select the setting as shown in this image: 

Unitless – if you follow our advice and you still work in meters (m) resp. feet (ft). 
........................Millimeters or Inches – if you want, or need, to work with these dimensions. 

Abarth 500 


Open your drawing template(s) and make these settings through them. Now save your 
*.DWT (Drawing Template) again. 

4.3 Frequently CAD errors and causes

If you use our 3D programs, together with a CAD system, keep in mind that two independent software programs are interconnected by an „interface“ This requires a high level of user discipline when working. 

Work in Model space - always and only !!

If you are in layout space (drawing template), it will perform a malfunction when you try to transmit a 3D crane into the CAD, because no 3D objects can be processed in that area. 

Dimensions, comments, etc. …should always be made in paper space (drawing template) only. 

If the CAD command bar is busy because of an active command, line, circle, etc ... or displays the message „Specify opposite corner“ then the data stream from our software to the CAD will interrupted when you send a movement or transfer command from CRANE MANAGER or ToM to the CAD system. Press "ESC" key before - this always helps 

If render or shade mode is active, the system is incredibly slow because it operates now with the memory of your graphics card only, but no longer accessing to your main memory, no matter how much RAM you may have. 

If a „3D-Object snap“ (if your CAD system provides one)is turned on, the CAD system force all crane parts to one single insertion point. This will lead to a total system failure. 

Please check the preferences of your CAD system and make sure that the settings for drawing units are set to "unitless".

If, for example, this value is set to "millimeters" or "meter" than you have to make sure, that the setting in CRANE MANAGER or ToM must be precisely adjusted on the same way. Otherwise the external references of the 3D cranes are appearing either too small or too big in the CAD system. 

All in all, if you take notice of these "little things" - your work runs smoothly. 

4.4 Errormessage 42 or 91

Such an error message appears while you try to transmit a crane into one of the CAD system:


This can be several reasons, such like a defect windows DLL or an internal problem with the CAD.


and this is one of the most causes, you are running your CRANE MANAGER "as an administrator" resp.  you have made a fix setting because of incomprehensible reasons.

Then it looks like this:

If this mode is activated  - Run this program as an administrator - then please deactivate this absolutely, press apply and close this window. 

This is equal for your CAD system as well. This setting is for maintenance reasons only, but not for to work on it. If active, all internal interfaces will be blocked by windows.  


If such a message appear while starting CRANE MANAGER, ToM or your CAD system first....

....this will be a good indicator that something went wrong with your user rigths. If this so, please check the settings mentioned above.


4.5 AutoCAD 2015 - Some remarks because of its User Interface (UI)

AutoCAD 2015 – Remarks:

As, unfortunately, every year, Autodesk has modified the user interface of the new AutoCAD 2015 again. One of these points is the removal of the switch to "AutoCAD Classic". Now it is very pedantic to create his own, familiar user interface and also to load the old and proven toolbars onto the screen.

We, as craniMAX, cannot provide a free of cost service anymore to setup and fix that!

We need to ask you to go in touch with your AutoCAD dealer to learn more how the new frontend works. Such adjustments have nothing to do with our own products or services.

You can find the most answers at the FAQ section on our website anyway.

We encountered this Video listed at the Autodesk-User-Blogs, which looks very helpful.

However, if you want us to do that so, we have to ask you to pay a service fee!

We count on your understanding.

4.6 AutoCAD 2015 - Bugfixing because of defective Xref´s

The new AutoCAD 2015 in its first revision has caused some enormous problems while loading external references (Xref) .

Those are placed and indicated on wrong positions and partly thousandfold to big. Fortunately, it seams that this issue has been solved with the ServicePack 1. Please go to Autodesk Webpage, - ACAD2015-SP1 and install the obversely ServicePack.

Take care about to download the correct type of this SP1 concerning language and if it is a 32 or 64 Bit Installation. If you have an Autodesk Productsuite in use, then you must download and install SP1 for Mechanical, again at - ACM2015-SP1.

This error will not occur again after successfully installation and restart of the system. 

Unfortunately, we as craniMAX can not provide any support free of charge, because this is a purchased part. Please contact your regional Autodesk-dealer if this installation fails.


The new AutoCAD 2016 for to use with our Software is released since May 20th - 2015 !!!

Therefore you must download and install the Service Pack

As expected, its manufacturer has build-in a few new "Gimmiks" as every year again. If you connect both systems, resp. if you send a crane to AutoCAD 2016, this message will appear:


To learn more, how to avoid this annoying message in the future, please download this provided "PDF" .


Since February 01st - 2016, BricsCAD will be offered as an price alternative 3D-CAD system again.

Please note the following points:

To avoid unnecessary support to you, as well as to us, please download your desired BricsCAD V16 pro from our public download area ONLY. (maybe you have to register you first). Please consider our explicitely instructions.

* Your CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D must be mandatory run on revision (or higher)!

* BricsCAD V16 pro with German language MUST have revision V 16.1.05-7, Rev.: 40889 only!

* BricsCAD V 16 pro with English language MUST have revision V 16.2.02-1, Rev.: 41986 only!

Please, STRICTELY do NOT download those revisions-upDates which will be regularly provided, free of charge, from the manufacturer. Your CRANE MANAGER will give you an automated message, if such a revision will be available and released BY US. Failing that, we can not give any free of charge support!  

4.9 BricsCAD V16 pro - IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT 32 vs 64 Bit

BricsCAD does NOT allow a mixed installation! 


What´s to do?

Review first, where your CRANE MANAGER has been installed! 

Under C:\Program files\CRANIMAX\CM 5 -> it is installed and running as a 64 Bit application.

Under C:\Program files(x86)\CRANIMAX\CM 5 - > it is installed and running as a 32 Bit application only.

That´s why you must download the compatible installation set for BricsCAD (32 or 64 Bit) from our download area! 


In principle, you should try to install the CRANE MANAGER as a pure 64 Bit application. Only when running in this environment, the full memory capacity and CPU power will be available.

4.10 Is there an easy-to-use manual for 3D CAD?

Yes, we have this simplified explanation provided as a PDF document to download. 

In addition, there are certainly more than 100 specialized books for CAD, which you can purchase in bookstores. 

Or! - maybe you should think about to book a training for you and / or your employees which can be held in our company or at your own location. 

Our software trainer works with AutoCAD since 1985! and later also with other CAD systems as well. 

Our 3D-CAD training will set exactly to your level of experience and will then expanded. In contrast to the very cheap offered standardized CAD training at community colleges or at different CAD dealers, our training is always individual and 100% build on your personal priorities with respect for the topics of a crane planning. 

4.11 Why 3D instead of 2D?

- Because it is much more accurate

                                - much easier to use

                                          – and it is much faster to get a result. 

Unfortunately, even today, many customers getting panic attacks and start sweating if they hear the term 3D-CAD only. 

But - it is exactly the other way ! 

Even in a 3D-CAD system, you must begin for to draw lines, circles, rectangles, 2D first. And then converted them with a single command in a 3D solid. 

This is already enough to get out of these so-generated objects infinitely numbers of views from.... 

or as details,

.....made by a mouse click and ready for to print. 

To make long story short: 

You need to learn only a fraction of knowledge for using a 3D CAD system and also make your drawings, instead what a 2D CAD system would want you to do for the same job. 

5. anything else?

You are missing something? 
Then let us know!