Always be one step ahead while you do your job-site planning. Don´t leave anything to chance, rely on accurate yet rapidly 
created planning results. Impress your clients with accurately prepared plans.


ToM – Tower Manager 2012 - Crane Assembly - (3)

The crane assembly - Search and assemble with proportional correct 2D sketches 


Self-explanatory symbols.

Assemble the crane based or your experience or requirements.

Search via obstacles / buildings, a very helpful function for that stage.

ToM – Tower Manager 2012 - Navigation menue - (4)

The crane navigation menue  - 3 fixed + Iso view

Picture shows the control window, embedded to the main window. Be able to move, turn the crane, lift/lower the load change all values with accurate dimensions. See original charts which belongs to your selection, accurate calculated outrigger loadings our ground pressures, capacity check and precisly movements within the cranes limits


Find a lot more very important functions to chance settings, re-assembly the crane, copy it to the next step, ....etc.

ToM – Tower Manager 2012 - Freestyle - (5)

The crane navigation menue  - "Freestyle" Mode

A new added and more improved "Freestyle" function is now available. This new function alows the user to modify and assemble the crane tower with logical steps by using a dedicated selection list for tower sections, reducer, anchors, drives or ground sections. This special combination can then be used then to get an approval from the manufacturer. 

An automated validity ckeck make sure, that all selected parts be suitable together.

ToM – Tower Manager 2012 - Print it - (6)

Print it out - create and print your work out

This are all necessary steps to get your first result very quick into your paper works.



As you can see, 5 steps only from the beginning to your result !

ToM – Tower Manager 2012 - in the 3D-CAD now - (7)

Cane will be setting up by using external references (3D-CAD blocks) 

See your crane, inclusive the load and/or building(s) in the model space of your selected CAD system. All parts of the crane are 100% accurate in dimensions, shape and in optical properties.

Now you can:

Draw your job site, insert other objects, do what ever you do typically while you´r working in your CAD.

ToM – Tower Manager 2012 - Make your drawings - (8)

Choose one of your favorite templates

For this example, we use a 3-view-ports, DIN A3 template to show a Front view, a Topview, an Isometric view and a little, but important detail view.

Put in all dimensions you need to clarify your planning, fulfill the title block and be ready to print.


(This enitire (example) drawing is made without to draw anything by your self)

ToM – Tower Manager 2012 - Print it - (9)

Your drawing (or Drawings) are done

Send it to one of your avialable printer or save it into a PDF file.


This short slideshow is showing the fastest way to get your crane(s) + building(s) + load into your 3D CAD.

To get more details, objects, different cranes or crane positions - Use or embedded 3D Tools OBB and RHL (see last slide), or draw it yourself.

ToM – Tower Manager 2012 - 3D Power - (10)

3D - CAD Power

Create expressive 3D work outs and impress your customer.

- See example -

To get more details, objects, different cranes or crane positions - Use or embedded 3D Tools OBB and RHL (see last slide), or draw it yourself.


Is an independent, also connected to a 3D CAD platform, planning tool with a focus on tower cranes, top-slewing, luffing jib tower cranes. This program offers almost the same design features as known from its "Big Brother" designer 3D and, of course, provides the user the same powerful 3D tools for professional planning and drafting.

New in this latest version is also a significantly improved "Freestyle" function, which enables users to configure selected crane in logical steps, from the available tower sections, transition pieces, anchorages or foundations to get the required tower crane. Such a freestyle combination can be acknowledged by the respective manufacturer, if necessary.

The system make an automated plausibility check whether the selected parts also match in dimensionally.

ToM and designer 3D can be installed on the same PC and will also operate together in a CAD drawing.