Always be one step ahead while you do your job-site planning. Don´t leave anything to chance, rely on accurate yet rapidly created planning results. Impress your clients with accurately prepared plans.

CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D

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• Get your crane into the 3D CAD
• So kommt der ausgewählte Kran ins CAD

CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D - Ready for CAD - (1)

Ready for 3D CAD planning? 

Your crane (with or without a load) is still selected.

Now - Your AutoCAD (full version) or ZWCAD+ pro is running - press just one single button to get your crane,

...with your obstacle,

...with you 3D load,

into your CAD system.

CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D - in the 3D-CAD now - (2)

Cane will be setting up by using external references (3D-CAD blocks) 

See your crane, inclusive the load and/or building(s) in the model space of your selected CAD system. All parts of the crane are 100% accurate in dimensions, shape and in optical properties.

Now you can:

Draw your job site, insert other objects, do what ever you do typically while you´r working in your CAD.

CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D - make your drawing(s) - (3)

Choose one of your favorite templates

For this example, we use a 3-view-ports, DIN A3 template to show a Front view, a Top view, an Isometric view and a little, but important detail view.

Put in all dimensions you need to clarify your planning, fulfill the title block and be ready to print.


(This enitire (example) drawing is made without to draw anything by your self)

CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D - Print it - (4)

Your drawing (or Drawings) are done

Send it to one of your avialable printer or save it into a PDF file.


This short slideshow is showing the fastest way to get your crane(s) + building(s) + load into your 3D CAD.

To get more details, objects, different cranes or crane positions - Use or embedded 3D Tools OBB and RHL (see last slide), or draw it yourself.

CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D - 3D Tools - (5)

Use the famous embedded 3D Tools

OBB - (OBstacle Builder) to create very easy the most of 3D structures, buildings and obstructions you need.

RHL - (Rigging Hook & Load) define a complex load assembly, with hook block, ropes, shakles, spreader, loads.

MCC -(Multi Crane Control) arrange all your different layouts / templates by using this efficient tool.

You can us this tool independantly from a crane. This could be helpful if you have a very complex load

• TANDEM / MULTILIFT preparation
• TANDEM / MULTILIFT, Vorbereitung

CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D - Multilift - (1)

Tandem / multi-lift function - Lift one load together with 2 and up to 8 cranes 

This completely revised tandem- / multi-lift function provides one of the most important highlights of that new 2014 version. In addition to the correct dimensionally of the 3D cranes and the attached load, a further turn point has been embedded. This allows you to turn a load between two cranes from one side to the opposite side much easier now  -  Preperation for the needed (minimum 2) cranes is still done!

...define a simplified parametric load or use embedded RHL or the RHL library to load or define your own 3D load                    

...define the size of the load and the link points where the cranes must take the load     

CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D - multilift - (2)

Tandem / multi-lift function

See all your involved cranes and the load on your screen, arrange the correct working positions for the cranes and the load and press the "refresh" button. The cranes will now connecting to whose dedicated link points.


Of course, all movements of the crane and its load will be visualized while moving. All radii, load charts will be checked at any time. Also the calculation because of outrigger loadings / ground pressures, as far all of the required values are approved by the respective crane manufacturer, will be calculated during run-time.

CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D - multilift - (3)

Tandem / multi-lift function

Copy your entire session with one button into the next "multi lift session"

Now start lifting, errecting, slewing the load on that way and to that position you need it


The new tab-bar to switch between the different steps of your planning will be really helpful for such a job now. No shifted control windows or confusing overlaps any more.

CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D - go ahead - (5)

Tandem / multi-lift function

Copy your multi lift sessions as often you may need it. Just repeat the steps you did before.

... again

....... again

............ till you reach the end of your pre-planning, release now all (or just one) tailing crane from the load and take it over to the main crane.

CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D - Take over - (6)

Tandem / multi-lift function

Its time to send that entire pre-planning into your active (and running) CAD system, transfer it with a single click to one of the supported 3D CAD systems.


Also, the entire preparation can be printed in proportional correct 3D print outs, just by using this new 
version. Print it together with your job description into a PDF file or to one of your printer.


CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D - into the CAD - (7)

... get them into the Model space - All in one 

Are you ready for 3D ?   -  Just press one single button then, to start the transfer.


Watching now how your CAD system will load and placing all the cranes and loads to the defined positions.

This example is showing 7 multi lift steps. So you will get 14 times the cranes + 7 times the load in your CAD drawing. It doesn´t matter if this is a blank drawing or a drawing with all your obstacles or ground plan, or google earth underlay.....

CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D - your drawings - (9)

... copy, dublicate or move your templates

Use the embedded 3D tool MCC (Multi Crane Control) to switch ON/OFF all cranes you want to see or not, by manipulation of the layer structure with this easy to use tool.



.... see next slideshow

CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D - your drawings - (10)

... go ahead with your workout

Use the internal CAD copy function to multiple  your templates and use the embedded 3D tool MCC (Multi Crane Contriol) to switch ON/OFF all cranes you want to see or not, by manipulation of the layer structure with this easy to use tool.


Make all layouts you need..... 

..... and print it to a PDF, or to one of your available printer. 

• Some 3D examples
• Ein paar 3D Beispiele

CRANE MANAGER 2014 designer 3D Slideshow 3 - Slide 1

Enjoy some of our 3D examples

The next 27 snapshots are made on real jobs, a few of them by our self, but the most of them by our clients.

(thanks a lot to our customers)


No further comments - just look and see whats going.......


In this second part of our planning software, the designer 3D, the selected crane(s) can be transferred from the basic version with just one click in one of the supported 3D CAD systems along with the 3D objects such as a building or piece of equipment that was used for crane clearance search. This is our high-end 3D planning tool.

You can make highly complex and very detailed drawings with very little effort and minimal CAD skills. Compared to a 2D CAD drawing program, a 3D CAD system can be controlled much easier, faster and more accurately. The user can create many views, details and/or drawing derivations in theoretically infinite numbers in a very short time. 

All known functions of a 3D CAD system are without any restriction. Create your own side-plan - make drawings which are provided by your clients - load a Google Earth image as an underlay in your drawing - you can scale this to the correct scale to create a very realistic planning. 

Use the included 3D CAD tools, such as the OBstacle Builder (OBB) to create your interfering contours, buildings, halls, towers, etc., with ease. Use Rigging-Hook & Load (RHL) to get complex 3D loads, starting from the hook block with slings, spreader(s), shackles and other lifting accessories required for your job down to the load itself. The user can manage this with just a few mouse clicks and attach it with one mouse click to your crane.